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You don’t just get to call yourself a Resource Queen without some substantive experience. Well, that’s what I have to offer. Over 15 years in the world of nutrition, exercise, supplements and more. And, over the past six years, I interviewed hundreds of holistic and integrative practitioners on the radio show I produced and hosted called Another Day of Living. From physical therapists to nurse practitioners to energy healers — I had many seriously, fun conversations about a wide variety of wellness modalities and unlimited options to help people get on a healthier path.

Ask the Resource Queen is my brand new podcast on wellness topics with the bonus of a live audience. My goal is to expand everyone’s healthy horizons. I am reaching out to new practitioners to talk about the latest health news — whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual. It is all about making connections and solving health challenges in ways that are kind to our bodies and our psyches. Together, we can explore health and wellness through discussions, Q&A and of course, as much laughter as possible.

Every day new discoveries are being made as to how our bodies work and respond to therapies, supplements, and mind-body avenues. That is what makes my job so much fun. I love learning and discovering how to help people feel their best. There is no single solution that works for all people; so, why not find out about all the options available? The first podcast is about an old plant that has been turned into a wave of new supplements. Hemp, CBD, and the Endocannibinoid System are very hot topics right now and Part One of my conversation with Dr. Rebecca Anderson is now available for listening. Enjoy!