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Join host (and Resource Queen), Alix Litwack as she explores a variety of health and wellness issues. From farmers to psychics and doctors to Rabbis each conversation is lively, informative and fun. 


How to Choose the Best Supplements with Deb McClure-Smith

February 9, 2022

With thousands of supplements on the market, it is not always easy to discern what are the best products to buy. Deb McClure Smith has been studying and selling nutritional supplements for over 40 years. She has gathered a wealth of information as to how to figure out the best ingredients and how to understand what is written on the label. Let Deb be your guide to making good decisions about what you put in your body.

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You only have one body and taking care of it is key to living a good life. You may have great family, friends, work and more. But, when you don’t feel well, it is challenging to truly enjoy yourself. Remember, if you have your health then you have everything.

Join us for all the healthy fun!

Meet the Resource Queen

Hi, I'm Alix!

For over 18 years, Alix has been a Holistic Nutritionist helping children and adults eat well, make good lifestyle choices, and choose the best supplements. She’s passionate about helping people find and connect to resources that enhance their lives. During the six years she spent hosting the radio show Another Day of Living, she had the opportunity to interview hundreds of practitioners on numerous topics and learned how to connect listeners with the best resources. With this new show, she’s continuing to explore hot topics and new discoveries in the world of intentional self-care.

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We love our listeners... and they love us!


I’m not usually a podcast listener, but I never miss Ask The Resource Queen. Alix has a special talent for selecting guests and topics which cut across health and wellness genres. Her skillful warm connection with her guests allow all of us to feel like we are right there in the room participating in the discussion.

GREG, Minneapolis, MN


I love listening to Ask the Resource Queen! The topics discussed are relevant to my daily life and overall well-being. I learn and grow listening to each episode and I am always entertained. Alix is the perfect host -she really should do stand up comedy. Love you Resource Queen! Keep those episodes coming.

Bridget, Phoenix, AZ

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Five Element Acupuncture
With Sara Rodefeld, Acupuncturist

29 Minutes

Traditional Chinese Medicine includes acupuncture, herbs, and reading a patient’s pulses. Sara Rodefeld practices Five Element Acupuncture which has similarities but a very different approach to health and healing. She discusses how the five elements of earth, water, fire, metal, and wood show up on a person’s face, in their mannerisms, and even how they smell. Join us on this fascinating journey into another type of eastern medicine that treats the body, mind, and spirit.

Release Negative Emotions with Brainspotting
With Kristin Tenuta, Therapist

46 Minutes
All of us carry a panoply of emotions in our brains. Whether it be anxiety, fear, shame, guilt, anger, etc. — those emotions may be keeping us from feeling our best. Therapist, Kristin Tenuta is certified in a technique called Brain Spotting that is helpful in releasing those troubling emotions. Tapping into our brain’s ability to shift and “rewire” is how Brainspotting works to relieve you of any distress you may have experienced whether it be recent or old trauma. 

Exercise Training for Seniors
With John Simmonds, Trainer

29 Minutes
Alix and personal trainer, John Simmonds for strategies, helpful hints, and more when working with seniors. Instead of more being better — less is more — when you’re over 50 and trying to stay in shape. Functional skills, balance, stamina, and strength are all part of an exercise plan that John and his fellow trainers tailor for each individual. As John says, “Motion is the lotion” that keeps those joints working and you out of pain as you age.

How to Help the Issues That Are in Your Tissues With Danielle Burr, Myofascial Release Therapy

28 Minutes

Myofascial release is usually done by a practitioner like Danielle Burr. However, when you are at home either post-treatment or have an old injury that is stuck in your body — a little self-care can go a long way. As Danielle says, “Listen when your body whispers or you will be sure to hear it when it starts to scream.” She shares the props needed and the techniques involved to help your body melt away the pain. Whether it is your neck, shoulders, back, knees, or feet these practices will keep you in tip-top shape.

Allergies and NAET
With Melanie MacLaren, Naturopath

28 Minutes
We live in a world where the food we eat, the body care products we use, and the stress we live has a significant impact on our health. Naturopath, Melanie MacLaren helps us understand how a sensitivity, intolerance, or allergy may affect us mentally, emotionally, and physically. As a practitioner of NAET, Melanie knows there are non-invasive, foundational ways to rid yourself of those sensitivities and allergies so that you may feel your best.

Pranic Healing
With Paula Lord

29 Minutes

We are energy beings which means that energy therapies may help your emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being.  Pranic Healing is a full body and mind practice that can shift negative thoughts and feelings that are getting in your way. Paula Lord shares a nurturing and powerful understanding of how Pranic Healing can help you get rid of traumas old and new that are not serving you well. Living your best life is possible.

Discover Your Magic
With Shannon Connolly, Coach

28 Minutes

Your work, your purpose in life, and how to pursue what you are passionate about are issues you may be pondering.  Coach Shannon Connolly especially loves to work with women who are considering what their next adventure will be.  She is a Soul Evolution Mentor who has created a program called “Discover Your Magic”. Shannon will help you reflect on all of your accomplishments and explore your wishes. How wonderful to take the opportunity to move forward in your life in a new way and with the assistance of a coach who will support and guide you to make your dreams come true.

Healing Energy of Qigong
With LinDel Sandlin, Qigong Practitioner

29 Minutes

So many healing modalities — so little time. LinDel Sandlin has been practicing and teaching the art of Qigong for many years. In this conversation she shares her knowledge of the genesis of this eastern art and the many benefits. Engage your mind, body, and soul in this ancient practice that will help you let go of the negative energies that are in and around you. Learn something new and healthy every day!

Bowspring Yoga
With Samantha Simpson, Master Yogi

27 Minutes

So many types of yoga — from Hatha to Yin and everything in between. Bowspring Yoga is a completely different way of practicing postures and releasing tension, injuries, illness, and more. Samantha Simpson leads us through the Bowspring formula and characteristics that define this wonderful mind-body practice.  Listen in and see if it is something you may want to try.



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Disclaimer: Advice and information does not substitute the need for a general health practitioner.

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