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This podcast is designed to be a lively, informative and fun way to learn about a wide variety of wellness issues.

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Who is the Resource Queen?

Your host, Alix Litwack is a Holistic Nutritionist with over 15 years experience working with children and adults on how to eat well, make good lifestyle choices and choose the best supplements. For six years, she hosted a radio show, Another Day of Living that aired on WITT, 91.9 FM in Indianapolis. She interviewed hundreds of practitioners on numerous healthy topics and learned how to connect listeners with the best resources. With this new podcast adventure Alix is continuing to explore hot topics and new discoveries in the world of health and healing. She is the Resource Queen.

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Take Care Of Your Body

It’s true, it’s true. You only have one body and taking care of it is key to living a good life.
You can have great family, friends, work and more.
But, when you don’t feel well, it is challenging to truly enjoy yourself. 
Remember, if you have your health then you have everything. 


I spoke to Alix about my serious digestive problems. I had seen several Gastroenterologists who were all excellent doctors. In our conversation she suggested that I consult with an Osteopath to assist with structural problems related to my intestinal dysmotility issue. Eventually, I did what she suggested and within three weeks I started seeing my symptoms lessen substantially. I am well most of the time and have put back on 15 pounds that I lost when I was feeling so sick. Thank you again for taking the time to help me. You changed my life which had become miserable. I will never forget you.


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